MANKIND’S FUTURE ENERGY DREAM
The GLOBAL ENERGY MOVEMENT (GEM) is a socio-technical global movement that addresses the construction of a worldwide interconnected electrical supergrid mainly based on renewable resources. In the line of sustainable socio-economic progress of human civilization on our beloved mother earth, there is no alternative to the best use of renewable energy sources. The reliability and efficiency of renewable systems are improving rapidly over time to opt out the carbon-emitting systems. Hopefully, with the rapid evolvement in energy technology concentrating on efficiency and economics, the renewable sources will triumph over the conventional ones by the next thirty years. Then new challenges of variable energy distribution and resource allocation will arise in the energy arena since sustainable development will take sharp bends towards an integrated global approach. An Interconnected Global Renewable Energy Grid can solve the eventual issues creating an ample opportunity to promote global peace and harmony. This movement intends to encourage the entire mankind to move towards the noble dream!